Heritage Camps

April 3, 2019

Heritage Camps is a non-profit located in Denver, Colorado. Run by a mother of an adoptee who saw a need for her child to embrace his birth culture and heritage, this organization stems from a place of embracing one’s culture. While Heritage Camps offers different support systems to international and domestic adoptive families, and foster parents who are waiting, one of their biggest strengths is how they hold camps that build a space for international adoptees to engage with their birth heritages.

The simple fact is that many adoptees live in communities that lack people who share a similar story to them. When organizations like Heritage Camps allow young adoptees embrace, accept, enjoy, and learn about their heritage it provides a sense of belonging to a community they may not always experience. The beauty of seeing one’s own culture and experiencing one’s culture, even if it is for a week, is something many international adoptees have loved attending throughout the years. Heritage Camps also invites different generations of adoptees to help facilitate and lead these camps which gives purpose to older adoptees who want to ensure younger adoptees know where they came from.

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