Dear Adoption

April 3, 2019

DearAdoption is a blog created by Reshma McClintok. Reshma was adopted from India as a child and yet as an adult has dedicated her life to providing space for adoptees to speak their experiences. This blog provides space for adoptees to share their vulnerable truths with the world. Instead of having an idea of what adoption is like for adoptees, this blog gives adoptees a chance to speak their truth about their experiences. While some stories speak about fond memories adoptees had, other stories share the hurtful trauma that they carry every day of their life.  

As adoptees enter into this online space of sharing their stories, experiences, and voice, they are able to find community and healing. Reading another person’s story and feel like the words were taken right from your mouth provides such comfort, relief, and healing for many adoptees who have visited her site. It is amazing to see what comfort this website has brought to thousands of adoptees and the excitement to see how the positive impact this has on the lives of adoptees will help transform the adoptee community.

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