How does Adoptee Voyages work?

Adoptee Voyages provides a multiple week workshop that addresses their identity, communities, and story. Each meeting time will be held for 3 hours in which a facilitator will provide instruction, lesson, and time for reflection.

What are the types of voyage workshops I can join?

Adoptee Voyages offers two different types of workshops. They are separated because we acknowledge transracial adoptees have different experiences that must be addressed for them to best process their adoption journey.


  • Time frame: 6 weeks
  • Participants: Adult adoptees who are 18+ years old

Transracial Adoptees

  • Time frame: 8 weeks
  • Participants: Transracial adoptees who are 18+ years old
What resources are there to partner with afterwards?

Once a cohort is established, our team will begin looking for and reaching out to organizations that can continue supporting adoptees post completion of their workshop. While we would love for these organizations to be local, we recognize that may not always be the case. Therefore, our team is dedicated to partnering with organizations nationwide and online to provide continual support systems outside of Adoptee Voyages.

How much will this cost me?

Since Adoptee Voyages is a startup organization, our prices are fairly minimal, however in the future these prices may change. Right now, for each participant, their cost will either be $150 for 6 weeks or $200 for 8 weeks.

As an organization that supports adoption, how do we get involved?

Organizations can either host a workshop or be highlighted on our blog page. For both, please email us at info@adopteevoyages.org to be connected with our leadership team.

Are there resources for adoptive or birth parents here?

While we acknowledge that all participants in the adoptive triad need to have resources, Adoptee Voyages main focus is providing resources for adoptees. As the organization grows, we may begin to provide seminars for adoptive parents, but currently we don't offer that.

What do I need to bring to a meeting?

If you would like to bring a journal, please feel free to do so. Aside from this, adoptees will need to bring their workbook (which is provided at the first meet up) to each session.

I don’t live in the Seattle area, are there cohorts available elsewhere or online?

Currently, our main meeting place for cohorts will be in the greater Seattle area. Our curriculum is available for cohorts to meet elsewhere, however those cohorts would need a supervisor who has been connected with our leaders to review the manuals. If you are not in the Greater Seattle area, please send an email to info@adopteevoyages.org to see how we can work with you and your cohort.

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